Hero or Goat?

Businessman HeroThat choosing an ERP software solution to support accounting, operations, sales and more can be a career defining project is not in question. The real question is will it define you as a hero or a goat?

Adam Bluemner, a Managing Editor at Find Accounting Software has identified several key factors that separate the sheep from the goats in his blog post, How to Make Sure Your ERP Vendor Doesn’t Drag Your Good Name Through the Mud.

The Three Do’s and Don’ts

Adam has laid out 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts in choosing an ERP solution. These tips are practical, steps – some obvious but often skipped and others you might not have thought of — that, when followed, will greatly increase your chances of making a successful choice.

The Do’s

  1. Do filter out providers who aren’t focused on your needs
  2. Do insist on a detailed ROI justification
  3. Do explore product recommendations with in-depth demos

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t forget to check on vendor certifications and training
  2. Don’t assume your vendor’s support group is as well-staffed as their sales team
  3. Don’t skip calling the reference customers

He gives sage advice on choosing the right implementation provider, understanding the costs and returns of an ERP implementation, what kind of software demonstration is best, the importance of vendor certification, taking the measure of a vendors support organization and how to deal with references.

If you’re involved in ERP selection for your business, this quick read is definitely worth your time.

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