Data Migration

Data Migration Word CloudPC Ware supports a data migration strategy that honors your mission-critical information – ensuring the right data is transferred from your legacy system to your new business management system.

What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process we go through to move the information (or data) from one computer system to your new or upgraded computer system. Initially, this may appear to be a simple process however the type of information stored in the original system may not be in the correct format for the new system. Additionally, the information in the old system my be incomplete. The older and larger the legacy system is  the more involved the data migration process becomes.

We start this process by extracting and examining your existing data for format and consistency.  We then map the data from the old system into the correct format for the new system. Additionally, we may have to clean up the information from the old system so we can achieve consistency in the new system. Cleaning up the old system data involves eliminating redundancy and obsolete information. Finally, after importing the data into the new system everything is manually checked and reviewed for accuracy. This process may be repeated several times before the new system is put into use.

Planning for Data Migration

Migrating BirdsProper planning during the implementation stage is key to a smooth transition to your new software system. Data migration process planning is the time to determine what information will be converted and what proprietary information will be accessible in the new application. This can be a daunting task, especially if you have thousands of records of information. PC Ware can assist you in the process of classifying your data to get a clear picture of the quantity and quality of data on-hand, along with determining the mission-critical information to transfer.

Time to De-Clutter Your Data

With planning and conducting analysis prior to data conversion, the quality of information will be improved in your new system. Riding your system of “data waste,” like inactive customers, and focusing on mission-critical information will promote optimal system and database performance.

Better Information Leads to Better Outcomes

Data is the backbone of your most important business decisions. A planned approach to data migration ensures you will have the information you need to make critical business decisions. And starting with the right foundation of data will ensure a smooth transition for your employees too.

We Deliver Smooth Transitions

PC Ware delivers flexible data migration strategy methods and expertise for a smooth and successful system conversion. We have over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field covering various functions such as: project management; business analysis; systems analysis; architecture; systems security; encryption; database development and programming.

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