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Warehouse Management and Inventory Barcode Solutions

Wireless, rugged, and dependable hardware plus our consultative approach will make sure you find a solution for your specific application.



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PC Ware is great!
Right on top of things.
They respond promptly and show up immediately when there is an emergency. 
• Great crew
• Great product 
• Very responsive
• Very Reasonable… 
and they know their stuff.
Peter Geraci

Fire District of New York

We love Zev. 
He is extremely responsive.
He calls back within minutes even during the Jewish Holidays.
I am a computer idiot.He and his people help me without making me feel like an idiot.
He always treats me with respect.
This has been a long term relationship.
 There is nothing he could do better.
How do you improve upon perfection? 
Patricia MaCualay

Ana Tool & Die

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