In the world of small businesses, owners share one thing in common, and that is the ability to multi-task just so the overhead expenses would be kept to a minimum. This can actually be quite helpful especially if you would want to monitor every aspect of your business. Unfortunately, no business stays small forever. Sooner or later, multi-tasking just won’t cut it.
It is in situations like these that automating your business would prove to be very beneficial to your business. Take for example a small time manufacturing business. As a start-up, the owner can handle all the incoming calls, prepare orders, do the billing and track all the paper work. However, when his or her business starts to grow, he or she will need help tracking every transaction while attending to the paper works. Although most would say that she could hire someone to help in running the business, the complexity of the task might mean that she has to hire three or more people. By automating some of her processes, she can not only hire just one person, she can also cut down the time spent in preparing reports and tracking figures.
One such software that most small manufacturing businesses can make use of is the MISys Manufacturing Software. This MISys software application packs a number of features such as inventory control, multi-level bills of materials (BOM), and revision control; that can help you streamline your processes while ensuring that you still have overall control over your production. And since MISys uses the modular approach, you can opt to buy only the basic modules and then add further module only when the need arises. The more advance modules this application includes advanced purchasing, bin tracking, production control, master production scheduling, and shop floor control, among others.
What makes the MISys software solutions even more popular among small manufacturing businesses is the fact that it allows them to have the needed information when they need it. You can even set it up to inform you and give you a heads-up when certain conditions are met. That way, you are always on top of your business processes.
The MISys systems and solutions were developed by Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. The company came into being in 1977 with the aim of providing PC-based solutions to non-technical people. It is because of this aim that most MiSys solutions are user-friendly and easy to understand.
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