What Does Redundant Work Cost You?

Department of redundancyCan you think of anything more utterly inefficient and wasteful than looking up data in one computer system and then entering the same data into another system? This kind of work adds no value to the customer; moreover, it burns up resources that could be better utilized elsewhere, not to mention being a mind-numbing task for the employee stuck with doing it.The Downtown Company Saves A Day Per Week

We recently helped one of our clients eliminate this very kind of redundancy. The Downtown Company, premier purveyors of heirloom quality bedding in Wayne, New Jersey had one employee spending most of their day – every day – looking up and entering shipping information for UPS and FedEx. It was bad enough that the process took so much valuable time, but despite careful work, mistakes were inevitably made – which took even more time to correct. And who can calculate the cost in customer frustration from shipment delays due to misrouting?

Our team at PC Ware built an automated integrated system for The Downtown Company that seamlessly pulls shipping information from their order entry system and pushes it into the shipper’s system upon simply entering the order number – saving time, saving money, saving headaches.

Downtown Company

What Could You Do with an Extra Day?

Do you have redundancy in your business? Is data regularly being manually moved from one system to another? Call Zev to help you uncover inefficiencies and eliminate them fast!

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