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Growth is good. It is a sign of a healthy business.

Business woman holding pencilsWith growth comes new challenges, which if left unaddressed for long can quickly spin your organization out of control.

Meet Dawn, a CFO for a local medical consultancy that provides independent medical examinations for insurance and legal claims.

As CFO, Dawn oversees budgeting, vendor accounts, and overall cash flow projections to ensure business runs smoothly as planned. With business growth, Dawn’s job became harder. Dawn experienced more and more difficulty in making decisions, budgeting accurately, and tracking and evaluating company performance. Vendor complaints were at an all-time high due to inaccuracies in vendor payment information.

This was just the start of Dawn’s problems. Lack of proper business controls created an opportunity for accounting abuses – a vulnerability that no business can tolerate.

Underperforming Accounting Package

Dawn made the decision to take action. She was on a mission to upgrade their underperforming accounting package, Quickbooks, with a system that would better suit the complexity and growth projections of the consultancy business.

That’s when Dawn found PC Ware Business Solutions. PC Ware owner Zev Kizelnik is knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting systems for growing businesses. With Dawn’s busy schedule, she was deeply appreciative of Zev’s uncanny ability to understand her business. Rather than giving the quick answer, Zev took time to listen and understand Dawn’s processes and business needs. PC Ware provided Dawn with real solution options. Best of all, the solutions were cost effective, customizable, and could be timely implemented.

A New Accounting Solution

Business Woman holding pencilsPC Ware implemented a new accounting package for Dawn’s medical consultancy. The package, Sage ACC PAC, included sophisticated customization to allow Dawn to instantly calculate sales commissions based on a complex proprietary formula.

Dawn and her staff are happily up an running with Sage ACC PAC. Accounting controls are strong; reporting, tracking, budgeting, and projections are more accurate and timely; and data is now stored in a more usable and accessible manner. Moreover, management has the confidence that business is under control and set to handle future growth.

The result? The consultancy is making decisions faster, management spots trends more quickly, and there has been a dramatic decrease in vendor issues – saving Dawn time and money.

Is your business feeling out of control?

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Zev Sez: If your business feels out of control it probably is.

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