The Ultimate IT Scorecard

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What role does Technology play in your organization?

Is the tail wagging the dog?

Is your company a leader in technology or are your competitors more advanced? Here’s how to find out where you stand.

Zev Kizelnik has been technical adviser to small and mid-sized companies for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in helping companies leverage their technology for growth and efficiency. Zev is offering you a completely free, no obligation consultation to help you evaluate your current technology with objective scoring in the following areas:

  1. Integration

Do the right people in your organization have access to the correct information to do their job properly? How frequently are people waiting more than an hour to get information they need to do their jobs? Do you have multiple systems that don’t talk to each other?

  1. Mobility

The use of mobile phones and tablets in business settings is growing rapidly. Do you have executives or employees who need to access data away from their desks, but cannot?

  1. Security and Reliability

How secure is your system from hackers? How vulnerable is your system to power failures, theft, or vandalism?

  1. Business Intelligence

How well does your software provide you with the information on a real time basis that you need to make the best decisions? Can you customize reports so that key managers can access the information they need?

  1. Productivity

Are you employees losing productivity by doing work-arounds because the software is too rigid to conform to your business practices? How often do people on staff complain about the difficulties with your current software platform?

  1. Custom Software

How well does your system conform with your business practices?

  1. Glitch Free Software

How often does your system crash? Do unexplainable things happen? Does the software get hung up in loops? How often is your staff frustrated by systems that are “down” or inaccessible?

Zev can provide you with an objective score between 1 and 100 in each category so you can learn how your company stacks up against others in your field. Simply in-mail back your interest in this outstanding free offer and you’ll have a comprehensive scorecard that will help guide your technology investments.


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