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Offering customers multiple payment options allows you to capture all possible sales as well as provide an added convenience that consumers today have come to expect. Maximize credit card payments and increase your cash flow while reducing costs associated with cash and checks. Studies show that credit card spending is 2.5 times higher than cash spending, creating a window of opportunity to increase your sales.

  • It’s predicted that the total payment card purchase volume will reach $4.4 trillion in 2010 with 2.1 billion cards in circulation. *US Census
  • Advertising acceptance of credit and debit cards improves business credibility
  • Accepting credit and debit card payments helps cut down on bad checks
  • Credit card customers are more likely to be impulse buyers!

Sage Payment Solutions provides complete credit and debit card processing for all business types. Whether you accept customer payments in person, remotely, or both we have a payment solution to fit your needs. We process payments for all major credit cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB, Debit/ATM, and private label cards as well as PIN Debit and Signature Debit transactions.

Debit card transactions are growing rapidly as a popular payment option, offering more convenience to consumers and increasing sales for merchants. Sage Payment Solutions provides processing for both PIN and Signature Debit.

What is PIN Debit?

PIN Debit transactions are initiated as a “debit” at the point-of-sale. At the time of payment, the consumer is prompted to enter their secure personal identification number (PIN) to electronically authorize the transaction and is not required to sign the receipt. The purchase amount is then immediately deducted from the consumer’s bank account.

What is Signature Debit?

Signature Debit is similar to a credit card transaction, with cards that often have logos of major credit cards, that are accepted at the point-of-sale, initiated as a “credit” transaction, and require a signature. The purchase amount can take up to 2-3 days to deduct from the consumer’s bank account.

Card Processing Features and Benefits

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant
  • No equipment purchase required
  • Low processing rates
  • Secure 24/7 online transaction reporting
  • Reliable 24/7 customer service
  • Risk prevention specialists helping protect your business
  • Prompt funding of merchant accounts

If you are new to credit card processing, or looking for cost-savings and increased revenue, Sage Payment Solutions can provide the solutions your business needs. We offer quick merchant account approvals and customized solutions to provide the payment plan and fee structure that works best for you. To receive a free savings analysis or have an Account Executive contact you, Call us.

How Card Processing Works
Payment Gateway

The Sage Gateway facilitates the transfer of payment information between the payment interface (retail terminal, website shopping cart, virtual terminal, etc.), the card association, and the merchant bank for request and approval of the payment transaction. Our robust gateway is PCI compliant so rest assured your sensitive information is secure.

Integrating Payments with Sage Gateway

Integrating with the Sage Gateway is easy. We offer pre-integrated tools so merchants can quickly and securely process payments. Our Sage Virtual Terminal and shopping cart help speed the integration process and provide websites with a more professional appearance. Sage Payment Solutions integrates directly with Sage software products as well as third party software.

If you require more customized solutions, our API may be what you need to integrate into our gateway. We can provide complete integration information and API documentation to integrate your product software or ISP’s with our payment processing.

To get a deeper understanding of how payment integration works, click here.
Virtual Terminal

The Sage Virtual Terminal is a web interface that processes payment transactions when credit card information is manually key entered into the browser. A secure connection is made to transfer card information from the Sage Virtual Terminal to the Sage Gateway for authorization. Virtual terminals can be accessed 24/7 with an internet connection and a web browser. To log on to the Sage Virtual Terminal click here.

With a virtual terminal, merchants have the flexibility to take a payment virtually, that is, without having to buy a point-of-sale swipe terminal. This can be useful for merchants that don’t take customer payments in person or if payments are web based, mailed, phoned, or faxed in. Many businesses that do accept payments in person still process through a virtual terminal to avoid the cost of a card swipe terminal and also to allow for back office processing. Watch our demo to see how payments are processed using the Sage Virtual Terminal. For more information on the Sage Virtual Terminal download our PDF.
Recurring payments

Increase your customer’s satisfaction by offering them a convenient time saving payment option through the Sage Virtual Terminal. With recurring payments you can automatically charge your customers a fixed amount of money on a schedule that works for you and for them. The exact payment is made directly to your merchant account on time, every time.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Reduces postage, paper, labor expenses, and bank fees
  • Tracks card expiration dates to avoid interrupted payments due to expired data
  • Free 24/7 Online Reporting
  • Lowers accounts receivable and collection costs

Shopping Carts

Online shopping carts assist with purchases made over the web. Having a shopping cart on your website will allow customers to add items, as they shop, to their virtual shopping cart while it keeps a running total of all items in the cart. When the customer is ready to “check out,” the shopping cart will total the items, shipping, and tax automatically. This helps customers feel more comfortable with the purchase process.

Sage Payment Solutions wants your online business to thrive. That’s why we provide a free shopping cart for all businesses with a web presence. If you already have a shopping cart or cart software and want to see if it is compatible with our gateway click here.
Physical Terminal

A physical terminal is a device that allows merchants to accept payments by swiping a credit or debit card through a terminal at the point-of-sale. The transaction is processed through the Sage Gateway and payment is deposited to the merchant account. Retail merchants, or merchants that take customer payments in person, find that accepting payments through a physical terminal saves time and allows for a more convenient purchase experience.

At Sage Payment Solutions we provide an extensive inventory of Class A-Certified terminals from leading industry manufactures like Hypercom, Lipman, MagTek, and VeriFone. We also offer high quality refurbished terminals at competitive prices and can even reprogram a compatible terminal you already have.

  • No hassle reprogramming
  • Free help desk support
  • Training for retail merchants
  • Compatible peripherals: debit pin pads, printers, check readers, knuckle busters, and imprinter plates

Best yet, we can set up your terminal with integrated applications to meet your business needs. Some popular applications include: retail, restaurants, lodging, and gift/loyalty. We offer a variety of processing solutions to get your business up and running so you can process immediately.
Sage Online Reporting

Sage Online Reporting is available to all merchant types, even retail merchants using a terminal to swipe transactions. All transaction data is uploaded daily into your merchant account and can be viewed online 24/7. Check out our demo to get a better understanding of our Sage Online Reporting tool.

Access Transaction Details

  • Search for and find a specific transaction by date, card number, auth # or amount
  • View batch, cardholder, and transaction details daily
  • Access all your monthly statements
  • Chargebacks and retrievals are posted to your account daily, helping you to resolve them quickly and efficiently

Easily Reconcile Accounts

  • Reconcile processed transactions against funds deposited in your bank account to more efficiently manage your business
  • Deposits are recorded daily, allowing you to more easily and reliably manage your cash flow

Automatic Customizable Reports

  • Reports can be customized based on the information you need and can be emailed on the schedule you choose
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, Word, HTML, XML or emailed which makes it easy to integrate with other systems used in your business
  • Past monthly statements are all in one place, allowing you to compare your monthly or quarterly sales and perform trend analysis
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