Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program

What is the Customer Referral Program? PC Ware Business Solutions would like your help identifying new business leads. Why? As a business owner, manager or employee, you come into contact with vendors and customers every day! You are the best person to spot other companies in need of new business software for such functions as accounting, business reporting, inventory control, sales management and operations.

As a friend of PC Ware, we simply ask that you keep us in mind in case you hear of a company in need of a good business system overhaul. We’re even offering you a $100 Visa gift card if you give us a lead that results in a face-to-face meeting!

Please read below on how to participate in the Referral Program. We hope it helps you keep a sharp eye out for any possible leads!

Our deepest appreciation,

Your friends at PC Ware Business Solutions

I. Key Benefits to You? Help out a reliable business partner that wants provide excellent service to customers just like you. Plus, you can receive a $100 Visa gift card. If we sell software to your lead within 6 months of the referral date, we’ll also throw in a $250 Visa gift card!

II. Who is a Good Referral? Any small or medium sized businesses with annual revenue of $3m-$75m; and around 10-500 employees. Key industries served are B2B wholesalers and distributors of various products; companies providing field service of machines or facilities; US defense contractors or state contractors; and more. What’s a good sign of a company in need of new business software? Old or inadequate software for accounting, inventory, operations, sales with any of the following issues:

  • A company contact mentioned their intention to seek new business software
  • A company with frequent errors on shipments of goods or inventory
  • Billing errors frequently require credit memos
  • A system requiring multiple data entry of the same or similar data
  • Inefficient inventory shipping process
  • Slow invoicing or invoice payments
  • Complaints from vendor, customer or friend about software that’s painful to use

III. How to Make a Referral? Send an email to Zev Kizelnik ( or Shraga Muller ( letting them know you have a referral. Helpful information might include:

-Company Name -Contact Name -E-mail Address -Phone Number
-Address -Relationship to You -Nature of System Problems[confidentiality assured] -Did you Already Refer Us?
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